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Ending of Marital Interest in a Home NJ Law

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    Ending of Marital Interest in a Home NJ Law

    My ex-wife and I divorced in May of 2015.  The home we lived in was deeded soley in her name, and I was not on the mortgage or the promisory note to the bank. (In fact the bank will only give me limited information because I am not on the account or in their system)  She is letting the home go into forclosure, and I am trying to find out if I can be listed on the forclosure or have it reported to my credit.  The loan for the home has never been on my credit, nor am I on the deed or the taxes.

    I have moved on with my life, and the only question the VA has before approving the gaurantee is can the forclosure be listed and adversly affect my new mortgage by way of lein, etc.


    Thanks for any help you can provide me.



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    Re: Ending of Marital Interest in a Home NJ Law

    If you weren't a borrower on the mortgage loan, there should be no basis for reporting anything relating to the mortgage on your credit.  Not sure why you or anything else might think there's any chance the answer could be otherwise.

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