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Federal Disability

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    Federal Disability

    Hello,  I need clarity on accepted Federal retirement Disability. I was accepted in 2011 for Federal Disability and decided to stay on Federal Workers Compensation.  While on that they took out life insurance, and health insurance payments from my monthly checks.  In Nov.2015,  I opted to go on Federal Retirement Disability its almost been a year without pay, but,  two weeks ago I was contacted and placed on pay status under Federal Retirement Disability.   So I owe back pay from Nov. 2015  for my life insurance & health insurance.  I just recieved a document that said Office of Personnel Management  took out thousands of dollars for life insurance, health insurance, & federal taxes  back to 2011 ?   So out of the back pay I should of recieved from Nov. 2015 till Sept 30, 2016 I recieved a couple hundred dollars.  They took thousands of dollars out of money I never seen that was my monthly pay check back to Nov. 2015.  Plus I payed for all of my insurances out of my Federal  Workers Comp check from 2011 to Nov. 2015.

    I just payed twice for my insurances  how can anyone  just double dipp ? .  How can OPM do this ?  What can I do to clear this up ?   I paid taxes and insurances on money I never seen?  How can OPM go back to 2011 that is the year I was put into retirement from my job.       So confused and I just feel so cheated.  Any ideas on how to handle this and clear up the double dipping ? 


    Thank You

  • Mon, Oct 10 2016 3:40 AM In reply to

    Re: Federal Disability

    Back-pay and deductions for premiums on health and life insurance should only go back to the date your OWCP benefits were terminated.  As payment of temporary total disability under OWCP is normally greater than what OPM Disability Retirement pays, I am assuming that the "couple hundred dollars" represents backpay back to 2015, and not to 2011, as you cannot concurrently receive payments from OWCP and OPM Disability Retirement.  In order for insurance coverage to be reinstated without any break in coverage, back premiums must be deducted, and that is apparently wheat they did.  You could have asked that such insurance coverage begin as of "today", but as you did not, the best you can probably do is to ask for that to occur now (after the fact), and recalculate your annuity accordingly.

    Sincerely, Robert R. McGill, Esquire

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