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    Hello. I have a problem. I live in Romania and I use over two years a website (i can't name it right now) to transfer and be payed thru it. Recently someone made a charge back and that "website" blocked all my money and they opened a case. I provide to them printscreens and a lot of proof that the buyer has lied about everything, I gave like 6 printscreens, conversation and a proof that he admited he was lying the website just to take my money back. To be clear, the buyer didn't send any proof, just said he was scammed by me and he invented some stuff. The big and good website closed my case, and also my account. I dont care about that account, I just want whats mine back and make a justice because it was a discrimination. In my country what I do as a business its all legal but they just discriminate all. I want to move forward with my case and I need some advice where I can go to make a complaiment. I want to mention that im a citizen from EU and i pay my bills and all.


    Thank you all. Have a good day.

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    Re: Discrimination

    This site covers issues of US law only, and your post contains no indication that your situation has any relation to anyone in the US or any issue of US law.  There's also nothing in your post that indicates any discrimination -- much less illegal discrimination -- occurred.

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