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Disability Medical Questionaire

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    Question [=?] Disability Medical Questionaire

    I got the medical questionaire and went to my doctor, filled out my portion, sent everything in to OPM (including the letter from my doctor stating I was still unable to perform my previous job and my medical records) back in August.  My question is, does OPM send you back a letter or something to tell you that you are qualified to continue to receive your annuity or not?  I haven't received anything at all back from them yet, and I just checked online and my November 1st annuity payment is still scheduled.  I would assume if there was any bad news, I would have received something by now.  Anyone with experience with the medical questionaire, please let me know what you received, if anything, back from OPM, and how long it took to get.

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    Re: Disability Medical Questionaire

    OPM will normally take several months to inform you that your annuity will continue; if they intend to terminate your disability retirement, they will provide you with advance warning and send you a letter informing you of reconsideration/appeal rights.  The best indicator during this time, as to continuation of your annuity, is the deposit made at the first of each month.  Otherwise, you will receive a letter -- albeit, with the constant back-up and administrative backlog, sometime in the future.

    Sincerely, Robert R. McGill, Esquire

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