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Keeping insurance

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    Keeping insurance

    I was in a car accident on 10/1/2016. My car was totaled . I am suing the other party for injuries and property damage but the policy expires on 11/15/2016.  Do I have to renew the policy or can I cancel it?

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    Re: Keeping insurance

    The car is totalled by you still own it until an insurance company settles and takes title to it.

    As long as it's wrecked you can delete the comprehensive and collision but I suggest you keep the liability coverage if you plan to replace the car in the near future.

    Keeping the policy protects you if something happens and the car is still in your name.

    Keeping the policy also locks in your rate classification and any discounts you might have earned.

    Being without insurance for any length of time often results in starting from scratch with no discounts and no preferred rates.




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