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Been duped off by friend about $60k in name of business

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    Been duped off by friend about $60k in name of business

    A so called friend of mine borrowed about $60k for a business he was seeking venture in. I had known him for sometimes and trusted him. We had a small contract indicating the terms of payment written on a piece of paper. After I gave him the money, he tried paying a few paltry some back for a few months and then later he stopped completely and devoured the remaining amount in excess of $58k.
    When being demanded for return of money he stated his business failed and he has no money to repay. Relationship became bitter after that hence no reply came from him despite several queries, I tried calling the police to file a complaint for fraud, I tried DA's office and Texas Rangers, and No one gave me a satisfactory answer other than to pursue a civil case against this man. Which I did and now of course I have a judgement against him and no power to collect and I am poorer by another $4K. This individual has no assets in his name although he lives royally...his big house is in a family member's name and businesses in another person's name - so he has all the qualification of a perfect con artist but I just cannot prove it and enforce any action against him.
    I am really looking for some real advice how to recover my losses from him. Is there any other course of law that I can pursue that will force him to pay or if I can really prove fraud and send him to jail and maybe he feels threatened and come up with some payment to me?

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