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Leak in Ceiling - Help!!!

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    Leak in Ceiling - Help!!!



    I know that this question has been asked a million times, but I think this is a bit different. 

    I currently own an apartment on the second floor of a building and rent it out. My tenant reached out to me a couple months ago stating that the owner below was remodeling their bathroom and when they took the ceiling off, they noticed a small leak coming from a pipe inbetween their ceiling. For all I know is that their contractor hit a pipe and caused the damage when working on the remodelation. Anyways, to get this taken care of, I immediately called my plummer/handyman and had the leak fixed. Costed me a couple hundered dollars or so. All this time i maintained contact with the owner below, which was very friendly. She confirmed that the leak was fixed and no damage was done to her unit.

    A couple of days ago I received a letter from the insurance company of apartment owner below me and stated that there was $7,000 worth of damage and for me to contact the insurance company to work out payment. Again, the owner below was REMODELING their bathroom and then noticed the leak, which I had fixed immediately and the tenant confirmed it was fixed. 

    I contacted the owner's insurance company and explained the situation. He told me to send him an email with the explanation and he would close the claim out. The insurance agent told me that I was not at fault due to where the leak was coming from, how i fixed the issue and stated that I was not negligent . I also asked if there were notes about the bathroom being remodeled and he said no. I spoke with an attorney who advised me to be careful on what I put in writing as they may be trying to use it against me. Do you think that this is true in this case?


    What shoud I do??

    I totally believe this is insurance fraud and that they are trying to get the insurance to pay for their bathroom remodelation.

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    Re: Leak in Ceiling - Help!!!


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