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Trying to Switch back to my approved OPM annuity from OWCP

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    Trying to Switch back to my approved OPM annuity from OWCP


    I have an approved OPM annuity. Has been in hold while I was on OWCP for 14 years. March 2016 sent my election forms in. After many calls, congressmen involved, emails, and OPM saying it will be completed and never gets done.  I was finally assigned a person to my case Nov 17, 2016 and she told the only form she needed was the formal election form from OWCP. Which they sent in April 2016. I finally got a copy of it in December 2016 send it in and was told this person is now retired that I was assigned. My congressmen is also getting the run around. Mr McGill actually won my case back in 2002 and I am just trying to go back.. I also sent a letter to the director of OPM and of course no response. Is there anything else I could do or contact. I appreciate any guidance. Thank you.

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    Re: Trying to Switch back to my approved OPM annuity from OWCP

    Unfortunately, you are doing everything right, and just as unfortunately, OPM is responding as they have been in recent times.  Your persistence is what will ultimately prevail.  The only thing that I might add is that, you may want to have ready and on hand a recent medical report/narrative showing that you are still disabled from your job, and your conditions (have the doctor list them) continue to prevent you from performing your former job. They may well tell you, after all this time, that they don't have that on file, and that is the "reason" for the delay.  You should likely preemptively obtain it and forward it to them as another piece of the paper trail.  Keep pushing and call as often as possible to try and get a new case worker assigned.

    Sincerely, Robert R. McGill, Esquire


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