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Live in Relationship Child

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  • Wed, Feb 8 2017 2:14 AM

    Live in Relationship Child

    My friend got married as per Hindu law in 2008 and registered officially. His wife's character was not good. So he had lot of problems and got divorced by 2010 under mutual consent. After 1.5 years later she met him again and she said that she changed a lot. In addition she cried and asked him to accept. He accepted, they continued their life and got a kid by 2011. But they didn't legally marry again. Again she started doing her dirty things and he took her to many counselors but she didn't change herself. Again they departed by 2014. Now they are separated. I have a question regarding the child which was born in live in relationship. Is that child legal as there was no second marriage? Kindly put some light on this.

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    Re: Live in Relationship Child

    This site focuses on law in the United States and nowhere in the U.S. applies “Hindu law." You did not say in what country your friend and his ex-wife live, but it is the law of that country that matters and I suggest you find a site that discusses legal matters in that country for help. 

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