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Wrongfully convicted of sexual molestation by DFCS

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    Wrongfully convicted of sexual molestation by DFCS

    01/20/2015 my grandson was wrongfully removed from my guardianship custody with an erroneous child deprivation case. DFCS had his absent mother sign their version of a Stipulation of Facts which left him abused while in foster care. That stipulation was the legal organ used to sever the invalid termination of Guardianship that was merged with the dependency case. There was lots of collusion, distortion of facts, violation of due process and a myriad of other rights. Without a hearing, DFCS somehow, legally falsified a final judgement of convicting me as a Level 1 sex offender. This info was learned by seeking employment.  This has created severe financial, emotional, and legal duress. I was unable to go to a shelter, seek counseling or support myself. I FINALLY found work, and paid way below my profession.  This has been defamation of character and made me unemployable. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP or at least point me in the right direction.  I can't even have relationships for fear I will somehow compromise their life. I was a straight 'A' computer networking student and had to give up school and was temporarily homeless. **Must ask for Attorney fees as part of defense.**I have evidence!
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    Duplicate thread

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    Re: Wrongfully convicted of sexual molestation by DFCS

    What happened to your grandson is a common issue in our Federal and State courts now.

    (Disclaimer: I'm not encouraging this as it is wrong)Want to ruin somebodies life, plant some child porn, pay off a little girl to claim rape or molestation, pay off a woman to claim rape, pay off a man to claim rape, even falsely claim gay rape? Whatever!

    Because of the stigmatization, because of the controversy surrounding anybody even remotely accused of ”pedophilia", it is easy to ruin an innocent man or woman's life forever, even to the point of open suicide (Just committing suicide to end the suffering) or even up to the point of a school shooting or movie theater shooting if the person becomes mentally damaged enough by constantly being called pedophile, pedophile, pedophile, when the person is innocent of that crime. Courts don't care, police don't care, FBI doesn't care, and usually court appointed lawyers don't care.

    The Feds don't care, the State doesn't care anymore. If they decide you going to be framed with child porn or rape, and be a sex offender, then by golly you become one, whether you like it or not.

    America has become such a corrupt, fascist, and criminal Police State. I ain't against good police though, however now the institutionalized corruption iun police departments is turning young men and women, little children, and other innocent people into Sex Offenders. Expect more and more child porn planting and other horrors. Hopefully Donald Trump will root out all pedophilia and destroy it, arrest them all, so that child porn planting becomes a thing of the past.

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    Re: Wrongfully convicted of sexual molestation by DFCS

    I misunderstood what you said.

    It was you and not your grandson accused of this terror.

    It is just so easy to throw the word "child abuse" around and people freak out and want to beat up people's brains out. This makes me sick.

    Those committing the offenses of falsely labeling people with "the allegation" know at a primative level that people want to beat up or even kill sex offenders. So they hope that by framing somebody, they will never get caught and the victim will perish or go through life's tortures.

    It all makes me sick. Good lawyers need to overturn these ASAP!

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