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Undergraduate Medical Education Discrimination/Defamation

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    Undergraduate Medical Education Discrimination/Defamation

    This is the situation. I'm in my 4th year as an MD Degree student. I took a clinical rotation at a hospital that is affliated with my university. I was given an evaluation that did not depict my educational preformance but rather it was influenced by one administartive person (which is purely subjective). Let me refer to that administartive person as Amy. The course was 10 weeks. In the first 5 weeks of the course I was evaluated as High Honor (My school uses the system of High Honor, then Honor, Pass, Low Pass, and Fail). Then I got a physcian who taught me for 4 weeks but has a personality issue [which the hospital admits in writing to me as an e-mail]. Despite requesting a change of the doctor due to her personality issue interfering with my education. They Hospital refused my request. I was given a Pass. However, I complained about that doctor the very first 3 days. But the Hospital made up a story about me stating that physcians-in-training (called Residents in the medical world) and other students were complaining about me having unprofessional behavior, and that I am a "Pass" type of student who needs to be more active in their education. Furthermore, they said that my unprofessional behavior will require the usage of the "hospital resources" (as a health evaluation) because there is always a potential that I can be culturally misinterpreted. That e-mail was sent to multiple administative people in the hospital including my medical school and a doctor who will be teaching me for the duration of a week. I ended up talking with my resident and they sent an e-mail to my medical school dean denying the fact I have any "unprofessional behavior". What ended up happending the last doctor that I had week with giving me also a "pass" and commenting that I had issues with the administartion but I am a "professional student." My End score was a "pass" accompanied by negative comments. Please note the same doctor who taught me for a week is part of the administartion and they gave me what was determined by Amy.

    I feel there was discrimination against my culture because I look brown. Neglect of giving me an optimum educational opportunity by putting me through psychological distress with a doctor who has personality issues. Defamation of my work ethics rendering me from a High-Honor student to suddleny become a "pass" student.

    What advise you guys have for me?





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    Re: Undergraduate Medical Education Discrimination/Defamation

    From what I read , the courts don't want to be involved in the grade issues at school and academic freedom issues if a pass is a pass I  suggest you smile and move on  and go out of your way to simile and not kick the system ....I have no doubt that there might be unwritten different standards as to students of different cultures or religions.....such Is life . 


    And quite frankly if you rub people wrong as to attitude and they react to same , not color , that is not a protected characteristic even in CA. 

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    Re: Undergraduate Medical Education Discrimination/Defamation

    If you have evidence (and not just a suspicion) that your grades where lowered because of your race, color, or national origin then you may sue the medical program for any damages you suffer because of it. The problem will be proving it. I suspect the school will have a very different story to tell about your situation and the grades you were given. Consult a civil litigation attorney in your state who litigates cases of illegal discrimination.

    Apart from the illegal discrimination issue the courts generally take the position that they do not get involved in reviewing college grading decisions. Courts are academic review boards and lack the expertise to determine what grades students should have received.

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