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Individual sold me a truck that belongs to a dealer no title

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  • Thu, Feb 16 2017 10:55 AM

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    Individual sold me a truck that belongs to a dealer no title

    I found a truck on craigslist and went to go see it cash in hand. I liked the truck and we agreed on a price everything was good and he said we could drive off with it that night. He said his uncle had the title to the truck and he would deliver it to us first thing monday morning the purchase was made on Saturday. I was unsure of what to do about this so I asked that we make a contract/recipt that I paid up front and he was going to give us a clean title on monday. We made the contract that stated I was going to pay full price for the vehicle with vin #, make, and model and he would give us the title monday. We both signed it and he let us take a photo of his drivers licence so we did. We paid the money and when monday came around he said he was busy working and was unable to get the title from his uncle so promised the next day he would. Tuesday came and he said there was a problem since his uncle owns a dealership he can't just sign the back of a title and hand it over they would need to register it for me but they needed a copy of my drivers licence. I was already very frusterated at this point as we were lied to but I wanted to finish this deal so I sent the copy of my drivers licence. A week went by and he calls me telling me there is a problem with the title and its going to be a bit longer and they would pay the registration fees if we let them take care of it or he has our money if we want to get it back. I told him we would like our money back and he says he only has half now... Tells me that the honest truth is they bought it at auction and the auction company has not sent them the title yet and its taking longer than they expected that we just need to wait a little more and they would cover any registration fees. 

    This has been a horrible experiance for me and my girlfriend we are so worried we've been scammed we can't sleep right very worried and feel sick to our stomach when we think of the money we lost. We simply don't know what to do. 

    Any help would be appricated.

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    Re: Individual sold me a truck that belongs to a dealer no title

    If yo think you have been scammed, you can make a police report, but I would expect the authorities to tell you that it is a civil matter.

    You can take him small claims court, if the amount involved is within the limits for small claims court in your state. Even if you win, however, you still have the problem of collection. And, of course, you will have to "serve him". (I think that he will conveniently "disappear".)

    This one is problably going to be one of those "life lessons" that was learned the hard way.







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    Re: Individual sold me a truck that belongs to a dealer no title

    I agree with the prior response.  You need to put your foot down and demand a full refund in exchange for returning the vehicle.  If you don't get it by whatever deadline you set, then proceed to make a police report and/or file suit (hopefully the amount of $$ you paid is low enough for small claims).  By the way, don't threaten a police report.  Just do it (or don't).  Threatening it could constitute extortion.

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    Re: Individual sold me a truck that belongs to a dealer no title

    If he bought the car at auction then he is a dealer. Find out if he is a dealer and file a complaint with the AG. If he is a dealer then he has to charge tax. If you run a car fax that will give you some background on the car did you do that? You have to be careful on craigslist a lot of dealers advertise cars as a private seller.

    What does your bill of sale say as to who is selling you the car? Does it say the indiv name or a dealer?

    When you buy a car you always insist the title be present. This guy had to have known the title was not on hand so he flat out lied. Often cars are sold absent a title at auction and sometimes it does take a few weeks to get you the title esp if its a repo. I would file a compalint with the AG about the uncles dealership, and you can file a small claim and its possible the AG may get involved. Also call a TV station, they often have a dept that deals with consumer complaints. We have a good one that seems to help esp with the threat of bad publicity on TV about them


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