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"Shipping" alcohol

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  • Tue, Feb 21 2017 6:09 PM

    "Shipping" alcohol

    I have a friend (over 21) who is getting married in Oklahoma.  I am unable to attend the wedding but I'd like to send a very special bottle of distilled spirits as a wedding gift (it has particular sentimental value as well as fine taste).

    From what I can see, it would be a felony for me to ship a bottle of alcohol to Oklahoma.

    So my question is, What counts as "shipping?"

    If I find somebody who is going that way anyway and willing to take a gift package with them and deliver it themself -- is that still felonious "shipping?"

  • Wed, Feb 22 2017 8:43 AM In reply to

    Re: "Shipping" alcohol

    You didn't identify your state or where you'd be shipping from.  If you're also in Oklahoma, there's no issue.  If you're not in Oklahoma (which appears to be the case), it's illegal to MAIL alcohol across state lines, but it's not illegal to ship using a private carrier.(although it may violate some major carrier's rules, that wouldn't make it a crime).  It would also not be illegal for a friend or acquaintance who is attending the wedding to deliver it for you (of course, if that person is flying to the wedding, he or she would not be able to carry on the bottle, and the airline might have rules about alcohol in checked bags).

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