Non Fraudulent Overpayment of Unemployment Benefits (IDES)

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    Non Fraudulent Overpayment of Unemployment Benefits (IDES)


    I went into the Army in May 2016 and I get off of Active Duty service in October 2016 and put into the reserves so my service was not active duty days anymore but I just serve for the reserves one weekend a month now. I started receiving benefits in early November up until the end of January before I found a job. When I found a job I stopped claiming. A couple days ago, I was mailed an overpayment of benefits. They stated that I need to repay my benefits because I did not serve 90 days of continuous service. But my active duty service days were about 130-140 days. As well as the overpayment cost was $3,100, but when I check my claims, I only collected $2,700. Does anyone know if there was a required amount of service of active duty to claim benefits? Also why my overpayment is more then what I claimed? Should I file an appeal? What will happen if I file an appeal and lose?


    Thank You

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