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Going into a partnership

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  • Wed, Sep 24 2008 11:24 PM

    Question [=?] Going into a partnership

    I have some friend who have a buisness they have built for the past 4 yrs and they have been VERY successful. We have always talked about bringing me in because I have a skillset they need to continue to build the buisness. They have 4 locations and I will be based out of 1 location and make the most impack in that one in the beginning but I still feel i should be getting a part from the others because I will be contributing on a HR/Operational basis for the staff. How should I determine what % I should be getting out of this. I do not want to ask for to much but I do not want to cheat myself.
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    re: Going into a partnership

    You analyze the company's financial records (balance sheet, profit/loss statement, tax returns, etc) and you figure out how much potential dollars you expect to add to the net profit. Then divide that by the number of owners, including you, and that should give you your percentage.

    Above applies if you are not putting up cash to buy into the business.

    If you are putting up cash you'll also be concerned with the book and market values of the business.

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    Re: Going into a partnership

    I learned the hard way about business partners.  It's not a good idea, it always ends with 1 taking control and feeling entitled to 100% of the profits.

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