Can you sue a Bank?

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    Question [=?] Can you sue a Bank?

    I am in Alabama and I wish to do this due to them taking money out of my account and I finally have the proof from their recorded conversations. I know numerous persons who have had problems the same with this bank and I can no longer stand by while they do this anymore.
    If anyone has any advice I would appreciate this, I am serious and if anyone can tell me the type of lawyer that would be able to assist me with this I would also appreciate this. Thank you.
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    Feedback [*=*] re: Can you sue a Bank?

    You haven't said what it is that you think the bank did that was wrong, so I cannot even guess as to whether you could successfully sue the bank for it. There are a lot of valid reasons a bank may take funds from your account. Before you sue, read the bank account agreement carefully, since that will be important to knowing what rights and responsibilities you had and what the bank’s rights and responsibilities were. I suggest you contact a civil litigation attorney in your state your state for advice. If you can find one with experience suing banks for consumers that would be better, otherwise, I'd try an attorney who litigates consumer protection matters.
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