Looking for a lawyer that will work for percentage

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    Angry [:@] Looking for a lawyer that will work for percentage

    About two years ago I started having problems with law enforcements. I was falsely charged with possesion of methanphetamine with the intentions to sales. I actually had to sit in jail for 8 and a half months proving my innocense in trial. I was aquitted, and released, then later while getting comfortable just being home to find out that I have a warrant felony evading arrest. How I find this out is one mornig, my mother and father are leaving when pulling out of the drive way they're pulled over and my father is asked if he is me and he says no but the officer tells him that I have the warrant I mentioned above. Where they made their mistake, which proves to be one that they continue to make in the future, is the time that they were saying I commited the crime was actually during the time I was incarcerated, so again aquitted. Well this happens a total of about 11 times, but it wasnt until about the 7 time that I actually found out the reason for all of this treatment. Well about 7 yrs ago while giving a ride to my cousins my older cousin robs some guy for a large amount of drugs and money. Being that he's my cousin I couldnt say that my older cousin was the one who did it without myself or his little brother's knowledge so we all go to jail. The way it turns out is that the guy that my cousin robbed "worked" for someone else who must have watched too much Scarface, because lets just say that financially, if he wasnt at the same level, must be more. Let's just say that he has enough to "contribute" to our local Police departments. Well like I was saying about the seventh time being arrested the officer that was falsly arresting me for possesion of ammunition, he counts how many times I've been in the same situation and had been aquitted, then gets nervous and tells me "Hey, this isn't personal. You shouldnt have missed with...". I suppose he intended me to feel better somehow, but he got the opposite reaction from me. I've spent lots of time in jail, the first being the most, and everytime ther after only 3-5 days everytime just long enough to see the judge get let out due to there being no case. I've actually had to take off about two semesters from college, not to mention the same police department taking away my 5 yr old son from me, and them getting me thrown out of my house, by telling the owner that I sell drugs and they "had" to evict me. Right now I'm staying in motels, because I have nowhere else to live. Again I've been arrested 11 times and aquitted 11 times. I'm not sure if this is sufficient enough, but if it is can someone please help. I just barely started college again and they're still missing with me.
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    re: Looking for a lawyer that will work for percentage

    Time to move!
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    You won't find a lawyer here

    Try the find a lawyer screen to the right of this page.

    ANd in future please use some paragraphs to break up your messsage.
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