Merchandise delivered by mistake

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    Question [=?] Merchandise delivered by mistake

    I received an expensive cell phone in the mail, clearly a mistake, in a carton with an unrelated businesses return address. I called the seller/manufacturer of the phone and offered to return it. I was told that they would send me a mailing label, and that I should pack it up and take it to UPS. Since I am disabled, I asked that they arrange for a carrier to pick up the package, which they said they would not do because of the light weight of the package. I was told a supervisor would call or email me back, but none did, and a label was never sent. The person who should have received the phone also gave my contact information to the company. A month later, I wrote to the company, telling them that if they did not arrange to have the phone picked up within two weeks, that I would consider it a gift. I got a voice mail from someone from the company. I returned his call immediately (minutes after his call), but got his voice mail. I tried another time a few days later, and got voice mail again. He has never returned my calls, and the deadline has passed.

    Is this my phone now?
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    Idea [I] re: Merchandise delivered by mistake

    Strictly my opinion....

    If the seller sent you a return label, call the carrier and make your own arrangements for pickup. If they never sent you a label, put it somewhere out of your way and wait for somebody to contact you. If you don't hear from somebody in a reasonable amount of time, dispose of it in any way that you see fit. Toss it or keep it. Your choice.

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    Disagree [)*(] re: Merchandise delivered by mistake

    No. This is different from unordered merchandise. It's a mistake and you are asking for special handling. They've made pretty reasonable arrangements for it's return. Is there really no way for you to get it sent back? No friend or relative who could drop it off for you?
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    Disagree [)*(] re: Merchandise delivered by mistake

    They have not made reasonable arrangements for its return. They have made NO arrangements for its return. They have not sent me any maling labels, although they said they would. They have not returned my last three phone calls. I do not consider arrangements reasonable that require walking on may part, and require me to pay for return shipping.

    When you have difficulty walking, there are many times that you need to rely on relatives and friends for favors. You learn quickly not to ask unless it is absolutely necessary, lest they consider you a pest and disappear when you really need help. I do not think that this company should save the cost of a carrier pickup at the expense of one of my friend's favors.

    I don't want or need this phone. If it turns out to be mine, I plan to donate it to my favorite charity.
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    Feedback [*=*] re: Merchandise delivered by mistake

    One thought - you might want to do your communications and set your deadlines down in writing. If they do try to collect from you later they can always say that they never received your voicemail messages and/or the people you talked to are no longer with the company. If you have written them to notify them of their mistake, request the return label, and request they have a courier pick it up, it will be more difficult for them to deny these things happened, especially if you send the letter with tracking/signature confirmation.
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    re: Merchandise delivered by mistake

    But it is not yours.

    And since they did not send it to you intentionally why should they have to make special arrangements to accommodate you?

    If the person who did order it knows about you can you make arrangments for him or her to get it?
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    Disagree [)*(] re: Merchandise delivered by mistake

    Since I played no part in this merchandise arriving at my house, why do I have to rectify their mistake? Why should they not make accomodations to get property that is here because of what they did (i.e. sending it to me by mistake)? If I, say, left something valuable somewhere, I would expect to make arrangements for its return with the least possible burden on the person I left it with. If I could walk without great difficulty, and if they had sent me a label, I would have gladly have dropped it off.

    Since I did not order this or ask for it, and it is not mine, why should the burden of returning it fall on me, especially since it is a hardship for me to do it. Why shouldn't the company who owns it, and whose actions brought it here, arrange for getting it back? Why shouldn't the company be responsible for its actions? Why shouldn't they pay a pick up charge which is, if they use UPS, 1% of the value of this item? But it doesn't matter, since they have made no arrangements for its return. Since the package arrived in a box with another company's return address, I don't even know for sure where to send the phone, because the company has not returned my calls.

    I have contacted the person to whom this phone should have been shipped. He had paid for expedited shipping, and when it didn't arrive in two days and they couldn't give him a tracking number (it arrived here by USPS, without tracking), he had already notified the company and has since received his merchandise.
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    More [=+=] re: Merchandise delivered by mistake

    Good point. My letter was sent without tracking because I have to go to the post office to send a letter with trackiing. However, I know that they received it because I received a voice mail message from a person in the company (identified only by first name). I left two messages on his voice mail but he has not returned my calls.
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    Ok [+0+] re: Merchandise delivered by mistake

    Since you have made all of the efforts to get this item back to the seller and they haven't responded, just put it aside. What I would do....

    If they contact you again, tell them to send you a prepaid return label and put it out for your mail carrier to pick up. If they don't cooperate, don't sweat it.

    If after several months or a year or whatever, and nothing has changed, I would dispose of it in anyway that I thought appropriate.

    My thought at this time would be to just forget about it for awhile and see if anybody takes the time to contact you again. Personally I doubt that you will be hearing from anybody.

    Good luck.

    "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."  -  Mark Twain


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    Sad [:(] re: Merchandise delivered by mistake

    I've read this with interest because I'm having a very similar problem (possibly with the same company), and it's been going on for months now with no resolution.

    Back in November, my cell phone got destroyed. I called the company and ordered a replacement. They sent me *four* replacements. The included invoice said 1 phone ordered, 1 phone shipped, but I got four.

    I notified them immediately of the mistake, they said they'd send out three return kits. The return kits never arrived. A month later, I got billed for the three extra phones (that I did not order) at full price, $300 each. Again I called, again they promised a return kit, and they gave me a temporary credit on my bill. I paid the amount I owed for my service (less the extra phone charges), and they said the matter was taken care of.

    Three weeks later, I still haven't received a return kit, but I have received a disconnect notice. The notice is because I haven't paid the $1000 for the unwanted phones ($900 + almost $100 in sales tax on them, plus a $56 late fee for good measure). I call back, the agent gives me another temp credit and swears that the kits have been sent, but I'm sure that I never got them - I was out of town in the time between and had the PO hold my mail while I was gone, so everything that came during that timeframe was at the post office and was picked up personally by me. They have the right address for me, the bills certainly aren't having any trouble getting to me.

    The agent tells me that I can return the phones to an official company store, and we agree which store I'm going to take them back to. I drive all the way across town, wait an hour or so to be seen, and the people at the store tell me they cannot (and will not) take the phones, because the phones did not originally come from them. Another call to customer service (in the store) results in another promise of a return kit, which is guaranteed to be to me in three days.

    It's now been ten days, and still no kit. I called back yet again, and yet again I've been promised a return kit. In nine days my billing cycle for this month ends, and I've little doubt that I'll have to make yet another call to keep from having to pay $1000 to keep my service on, and that I'll be promised yet another return kit that will likely never arrive.

    If I, as a consumer, cannot make promises to them that I don't keep (such as telling them the check for my payment is in the mail and I just don't know why they aren't receiving it), why can they keep making promises to me that they aren't keeping? I did not order the &%$@ phones in the first place, and they agree that I did not - that it was a computer error on their end, the computer ordered me one phone, four times. But how long are they allowed to keep letting this drag on? At what point do I get to say "enough, already - either give me a local option to return the phones, or write them off if you cannot find a way for me to return them that doesn't also require me to pay the return shipping."

    I even offered this last time to actually pay out of pocket to return them if they'd give me an address to return them to, but only on the condition that they'd let me out of my contract without a penalty once they had the phones back (because by this point, I'm so frustrated that I really don't want to deal with them anymore, ever - and I don't trust them to reimburse me the shipping expense if I pay it upfront). They wouldn't do that either. I have been with this company for five or more years now and up to now have been very pleased with them, but this has gone beyond ridiculous and I'm really, really tired of having to spend so much of my own time trying to get their mistake fixed.

    I can certainly sympathize with the original poster, and can only hope that they do eventually get their situation resolved (and FYI on that - if the return shipment kit is via UPS or FedEx, either shipper will come pick it up from you if you call them, you shouldn't have to take it to them yourself or get someone to drive you).
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    More [=+=] re: Merchandise delivered by mistake

    I have only had this phone for 2 months. They stilll have not sent a mailing kit or returned my calls. I do not have a continuing business relationship with this manufacturer (although I do own one of their products), so I am at an advantage--they have no service contract.
    However, I wonder if anyone can ever actually have this phone activated by a service provider wihtout a hassle.

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