How Can A Warrant Be Dropped

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    Question [=?] How Can A Warrant Be Dropped

    Ok but this sounds crazy
    Located in Alabama
    Me and my Grandmother had an agreement she let me use her checks ,so I took her kindness for weakness and wrote more checks on her name. She filed a police report for me to pay the money back so I payed the bank off there money only problem is the detective told her she can't drop the charges. How is the so when the bank called and told her to come and pay them off, and the next step was to go to the police station and drop the charges????? whats the proper way of getting this case handled
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    Feedback [*=*] re: How Can A Warrant Be Dropped

    What you need to understand is that paying your grandmother back does NOT mean the crime goes away. The crime was complete when you wrote out the forged checks and used them. When your grandmother made the criminal complaint, the decision about what to about the complaint rests completely with the police and prosecutor. They do not have to drop the case just because the victim asks them to drop it. Crimes are not prosecuted to benefit the victim. They are prosecuted to benefit society. By prosecuting you, the purpose would be to punish you for your wrongful behavior, with the idea that you won't do it again because you won’t want to face that punishment again. Also, it may deter others from doing the same thing. Paying her back may at least reduce the sentence you receive if you are convicted of the crime, however.

    You need to talk to a criminal defense attorney to find out what you may be able to do to minimize the impact of this for you. But don’t get your hopes up too much. Folks don’t have a lot of sympathy for someone who steals from their own grandmother.
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    News [|*|] You NEVER use/write someone else's name . . .

    If you have permission, then you are an agent, and you sign:

    (your name) as agent for (their name)

    The state prosecutes for the good of society, not for the victim.

    Judges can quash a warrant. They normally do so only where you voluntarily submit to the jurisdiction of the court. The judge cannot just dismiss the case because you want it dismissed.

    If you rob a bank, giving the money back doesn't eliminate the prosecution.
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    re: How Can A Warrant Be Dropped

    It is up to the prosecutor (not your grandmother or the bank) to decide whether or not to prosecute you for your crime. Repying the money does not negate your crime. It may influence the prosecutor's decision, but that could go either way. Your act of repayment was essentially an admission that you committed the crime, so a conviction is probably a foregone conclusion. I suggest you consult with a local criminal defense attorney.
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