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PA, rent increase , legal amt.?

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Latest post Mon, Jan 28 2008 8:25 PM by nancy361. 3 replies.
  • Mon, Jan 28 2008 5:10 PM

    Question [=?] PA, rent increase , legal amt.?

    I am trying to find out in my state of PA. what the legal amount would be for raising my rent.

    I rent a row home and my landlord raised my rent 1 time a few yrs back and it was 10$. my rent currently is 320 a month. Its very low because these homes are old mill homes from 100yrs ago and landlord grew up here and owns the land. now he has raised it again and this time its 60$. he gave us a months notice in the letter, which is fine. I just know that there is a limit in amount rent can be increased. Is this correct? again im in PA. just outside the city of is still low, but i wanted to know if there was a certain percentage allowed when raising rent.

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    re: PA, rent increase , legal amt.?

    PA is not a state that has rent control/stabilization. Not even Philly has rent control.

    "I just know that there is a limit in amount rent can be increased."

    That's not correct.

    If your landlord has only raised the rent a total of $70 a month for a number of years, you should probably be kissing his feet (you don't say what comparable housing cost is in your area, but I presume the average is more than $380). Regardless of the age of the place or the rent, he's required to maintain it according to building-code standards if that's an issue.
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    More [=+=] re: PA, rent increase , legal amt.?

    I was told by a few people that rent can be increased, but only by a certain percentage. Your saying there is NO limit when he raises the rent, that he can raise it however much he wants to?
    yes i realize the rent is very low, other rentals are a lot more of course. 500,600 and up.
    This is the reasoning behind his raising the rent. The boro is cracking down on him to bring the property up to code... he really hasnt done much to do that actually so i dont know why he thinks he has to raise rents... these homes are very old mill homes over 100yrs old and his family owns them. We have moldy damp wet basements, some HTRS dont work right and have had to be replaced, We have to fix everything just about. He has a plumber and an electrician he uses for repairs but he takes forever to get them here to do it. we are responsible for a service contract for our furnace so he doesnt have to pay for parts if it breaks, as long as part is covered in contract. if not he will pay then.
    Our roof is so bad the shingles are all over the lawn and he has been told numerous times to repair it. its an A frame roof and its buckled and warped and so animals get in and run around in the ceilings. and i get water when it rains due to gutter be messed up cause of that part of roof all warped... So when i send in my new amt of rent, he will get a letter stating he best fix the roof ASAP since he raised the rent in order to do these code repairs. He really is a slum lord if you ask us all that live here. Just because we rent and the homes are very old, doesnt mean we are low class people and dont know things, on the contrary, a lot of us know more then we care to at times. low rent means we can save to get a home. but due to the conditions of the homes when we moved in , its US that has to put money out to fix them.

    WHat rights do i have when it comes to securing my rent in hopes to get this roof repaired properly? He supposedly gets citations until he gets the work done. when homes got inspected, all the outlets were replaced in the kitchen by me. He DIDNT pay for them.. So where does it end? Outside of moving out, which seems to be the thing to do , sometimes i think that.

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    Feedback [*=*] re: PA, rent increase , legal amt.?

    Laymans take:

    Basically its a of law of matter of supply and demand. LL can raise rents , you can elect to walk.

    $320 a month for a row home seems ultra ultra low for anyplace not in the middle of a Phila combat zone And if your boro has a better school system than Phila and you don't pay Phila resident wage tax then all the more reasons for higher rents.

    If the boro is pressing folks to come up to code--then understand that LL's money does not grow on trees. Your past below market rents may not be so in the future. You vote as you see best--stay or walk.

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