DUI - Violated probation - Now, 2 1/2 years later...

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    Question [=?] DUI - Violated probation - Now, 2 1/2 years later...

    I live in: Michigan

    Please allow me to apologize in advance for the length of this post; however, I felt it necessary to in order to furnish a lucid explanation of my situation.


    In May of 2004 I was arrested and charged with DUI after testing very high for my blood alcohol content. I pled guilty and was given 1 year of unmonitored probation, ordered to complete an alcohol treatment program and to attend at least 30 AA meetings during this time. Of course, I was not allowed to consume any alcoholic beverages during this time as well. The judge ordered such a light sentence do to this having been my first arrest and only my second traffic violation (I was 31 years of age at the time).

    After completing the month long treatment at a substance abuse clinic and having gone to 25 AA meetings, I found myself drinking again; not driving but drinking and very heavily. I would even drink prior to AA meetings and would force myself into having to walk in order to not drink and drive but to still be able to consume alcohol.

    I have come to realize that there are many reasons for my insobriety but I’m not sure this is the proper place to discuss them, so I’ll persist with my legal issue.

    On one of these journeys to what would have been my 44th AA meeting (don’t ask me why I was still going to them and attending under the influence of alcohol, but it seemed to make sense in my distorted state of mind) I passed out sitting on the doorstep of a church and the reverend phoned for an ambulance to rescue me. Two days later I received a phone call, yes, it was from my probation officer who had learned of my ambulance ride to the emergency room; I had indeed violated my probation.

    At that time I felt I was in no condition to properly handle the situation (I couldn’t handle my own life let alone pay my debt to society), so I made a cowardly, overdramatic decision to move to a new county.

    I have since been able to control my alcoholism by not drinking for more than 24 months and have established a profitable online business developing complete website solutions for my clients. I do this all from home and I’m a single man without children; I’m also an avid bike rider which allows me to avoid driving (a good thing considering I don’t have a license). I feel that I’m emotionally recovered from the four year period in which I fell into a deep depression. I would also like to turn myself into the police and face the judge so I can attempt to make amends for my wrongdoings and restore my life to a more customary, less reclusive existence.

    My question then is this: What can I expect?

    Thanks for your assistance
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    Feedback [*=*] re: DUI - Violated probation - Now, 2 1/2 years later...

    Were you formally released from your probation after you completed the treatment program and your 30 AA meetings? What about the 1 year unsupervised probation?

    If not, it is possible that you have violated the terms of your probation and could be liable for any ncompleted portion. Do you know if you were allowed to leave your original county?

    You might be well advised to contact your attorney and have that person do some research.

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    Feedback [*=*] re: DUI - Violated probation - Now, 2 1/2 years later...

    I would just like to briefly commend you for the courage and obvious insight it took you to get to this point in your life. I am a single mother of college aged kids and have registered on this site recently because my 23 yr old son was stopped last week and, after passing roadside tests, two breathalyzers ultimately resulted in his being issued a DUI citation (slightly over .08 BAC in CA). I am an attorney but not savvy in this field at all. We are all saddened and frightened as a family and my son is petrified. He is a god kid and has never been in trouble. He honestly did not believe he was too inebriated to drive. Nevertheless he will go through the steps necessary for legal redemption. His father is a 30 yr 'functioning alcoholic' with three prior DUI's (many years ago). I've always been concerned about one of the kids falling prey to the slippery slope their dad has been on all his adult life (and refuses to change by choice).

    Kudos to you my friend for clearing your conscience and doing the hard work it takes to get clean and continue to stay healthy. I bet consequences won't be as bad as you think. You are after all taking a volitional proactive step to better your own life and general community welfare. Best wishes to you!
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