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Can my Employer hold my Vaction Pay?

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Latest post Sat, Jan 20 2007 8:34 PM by GHSMB. 2 replies.
  • Fri, Jan 19 2007 10:45 AM

    Can my Employer hold my Vaction Pay?

    On 1/19/07 I quite my job with Coca-Cola Inc. However the last two weeks I have taken my two weeks vacation. Now that I have told them that I will not return this Saturday (at the end of my vacation) they have told me I will not be paid for my current (1/14) week of vacation. I want to know of they can legal hold this pay week from me? I do get two pay weeks a year and I took them together. At the time I was not told of any problem with being paid. It wasn't until I told them I had taken another job that they told me of the non-paying week.
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    re: Can my Employer hold my Vaction Pay?

    It would have been smarter to take your vacation and then give your termination notice well after you got back. Employers don't like being jerked around, and when you schedule a vacation knowing or planning that you'll quit as of when that vacation is over without any notice, surely you can see how they'd be peeved.

    You're free to contact the state department of labor folks and file a wage claim. Problem may be they may pretend that you called in to quit last week. Do you have a copy of your vacation request, by chance?

    If all else fails, you're free to sue them in small claims.

    But remember that you have to mention this place on your resume, and they may be eager to tell all future prospective employers that you quit without any notice.
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    I'm going through close to the same thing. I'm in SC. Look up Georgia Code of Laws and find the laws under "employment" or "wages". In SC, they do not have to pay your vacation pay after you quit or are terminated. That's only if they deem it "vacation pay" - not sick days. It also depends greatly on what the company policy states. I'm sure a company as big as Coca-cola has an employee handbook.

    Good luck to you!
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