Rest time between shifts

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    Rest time between shifts

    Is it legal for an employer to require you to work an 8 hour shift and demand you be back at work in 3 hours? For example, If I had to work from 8 am to 5 pm, then 8 pm to 5 am, can an employer require this?
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    re: Rest time between shifts

    For the most part, there are no laws covering general employment guaranteeing any particular time off between shifts. Technically, in most jobs you could be required to work back to back shifts.

    There are a very few, state and industry specific exceptions to this, most if not all of which are when there is a public safety factor (airline pilot, truck driver, in some states nurses)
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    Agree [=|=] re: Rest time between shifts

    OR if the job is federally funded in the smallest degree--then all kinds of regulations from wage and hours to job site equipment and personnel are imposed.
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    re: Rest time between shifts

    Kinda stupid, but yes they can require you to do that schedule.
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    Re: Rest time between shifts

    Ok, how about this: I am supposed to work 1300-0045, and then be back at 0600 that same morning to work 0600-2300. I know on the second day I get overtime for working more than 10 hours in a shift, but can they require me to work so late and then come back a few hours later? That doesn't seem safe.

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    Re: Rest time between shifts

    What type of job are you doing?

    I think there are rules for certain jobs.  For example, if you were driving a truck or something, I am pretty sure there are rules as to how many hours you can be out there driving.

    However, if you are behind the counter at the local gas station, they can probably have you working whenever it is they need you.

    Unless there is a law against it, they can.


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    Suggestion to new poster:

    It helps to start your post instead of hijacking another.  Many of us don't read responses in between and simply respond to the base post -- which would be irrelevant to you.

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