Lying in court documents

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    Question [=?] Lying in court documents

    This is the mom with the case were the father signed over parental rights but final notice was never entered.....Remember. Well the father filed a motion saying that he signed over his rights because " I told him I was placing her for adoption and that he signed over rights under fraud and duress. He said he was under the assumption that he still had rights since she was never given up" This is all make believe....I remembered that 2 years ago, I filed for financial assistance while in college and they tried to collect child support from him. He sent them a letter and a copy of the paperwork terminating his rights. He stated that he was no longer the legal father and was under no obligation to support her. Will the judge look at this when deciding to accept his voluntary surrender and issue a final judgement. If nothing he bold face lied on a motion he filed.
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    More [=+=] re: Lying in court documents

    Oh I forgot, Child support sent my attorney this letter. I was signed and dated months after he signed over his rights
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    Feedback [*=*] re: Lying in court documents

    What's stopping your attorney from squashing the motion with that document?

    "He stated that he was no longer the legal father and was under no obligation to support her."

    Sounds like a "voluntary surrender" to me. And, providing the court with fraudulent information in a motion is illegal.
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    re: Lying in court documents

    So you can prove he is a liar and has purjured himself to the court. This can not help his case and only helps you. Secondly, you point out that he only wants rights when it is convenient for him and not you or the child. It is not in the best interests of the child to be bounced around like a dog. One day he wants to be involved the next he doesn't.
    Don't trash him just let his own words do it for you. You just simply point out the truth and then use your supporting evidence to back up what you say.
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