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Being threatened by siblings

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Latest post Thu, Jul 3 2014 8:35 PM by bluesparrow. 21 replies.
  • Thu, Jan 18 2007 11:10 AM In reply to

    • LisaQ
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    re: Being threatened by siblings

    Your Mom is lucky to have you. I can assure you in years to come, you will never regret the caring you have given to your Mom.
  • Fri, Jan 19 2007 1:09 PM In reply to

    • Drew
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    re: ALERT

    Don't take everything at face value when dealing with greed----.

    A dear but overtrusting friend though his brother was taking Mom on a short vacation......but she never came back--in a matter of a few days her home got sold to a friend of brother who immediately flipped it to an innocent buyer, her assets converted to gold coins which were nowhere to be found --and oh yes, she died before my friend caught on to the game..

  • Sat, Jan 20 2007 12:28 AM In reply to

    re: ALERT

    I've been in contact with the elder lawyer and we have a plan of attack. Now I just have to call mom and let her in on everything that's gone on for the past months. Whatever she decides to do is her choice, of course, but I want her to know all the facts. I just don't understand how two fifty-something year old women can behave the way they do toward a parent. It's one thing to treat me like crap but to do it to your mother is beyond comprehension.
  • Sat, Jan 20 2007 10:59 AM In reply to

    Note [#=#] to Vanessa1965

    I hope the responses you're receiving are helpful.

    This site wants all messages to be comfortable for everyone to read, so it asks that language such as "crap" not be used here. Next time, please say something such as, "It's one thing to treat me badly, but to do it to your own mother is beyond comprehension."


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  • Sat, Jan 20 2007 11:15 AM In reply to

    re: to Vanessa1965

    My apologies. And yes, the responses have been quite helpful. I've also been reading a lot of the other topics and have gleaned quite a bit of info from them. Your website has been added to my Favorites.

  • Sat, Jan 20 2007 9:44 PM In reply to

    Ok [+0+] re: to Vanessa1965

    Thanks for such a nice response.

  • Thu, Jul 3 2014 8:35 PM In reply to

    Re: Being threatened by siblings

    I was also researching online, I was his POA when he was alive but did not want us (2) siblings to squabble or fight, I also knew if he gifted me the money you save yourself alot of heartache and money since gifting doesnt go thru Probate, but sadly this other sibling which I had never met, says hes going to sue me or someting, its funny how people are somethimes, this half brother, I had called him over 15 times , your father is dying, he wants to see you, oh i have a headache, oh im confused, oh i trust your judgement, oh im not ready to see him, i mean you name it, im not interested all that in money, please dont bother me, OK. So I didnt call him again, my father dies, i closed his account (and tis is where it gets tricky) Im not sure i shouldve done this, i didnt know, im not a lawyer I guess i shouldve checked first, bank didnt say anything, they never stated hey theres anothe beneficiary here.  But what i can be certain of is there was no will and i did what my father told me, you know his wishes give it to grandchildren, pay my debts, funeral.  And i can certainly show that was all done and paid for but certainly there will always be greed and being POA is a thankless job no matter what you do to save money they will never appreciate it.  If I wouldnt have gone to CA to save my fathers things in apt. they wouldve been in trash. But now thereyre questioning what i did, or what i kept.  Most of the things were garage sale items, trash, if they were so worried, get up and do something for the man, I feel for you vanessa, I see that this happened to you a while back, 2007, hope everything is ok did everything work out??

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