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Am I responsible for my deceased husband Medical Bills?

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Latest post Tue, Jul 17 2007 11:53 PM by box of hope. 4 replies.
  • Tue, Jul 17 2007 12:24 AM

    Feedback [*=*] Am I responsible for my deceased husband Medical Bills?

    Hello. I don' t know if I am in the right place/board or not. But if I am in the wrong place please notify me.

    I check the archieves but could not find a question like mine.

    But here is the question:

    I live in Texas. My 55 year old disabled husband recently died from a long illness. I am also 55 years old and disabled and he and I both receive Social Security Disabilty. The doctors and hospitals are still mailing the 20 percent Co-Pay statements that Medicare part A&B did not pay. Medicare did pay the 80%, of his medical bills. With a limited fixed income, do I have to still pay my husbands medical bills? I do have a certified copy of his death certificate if ALL the doctors and ALL the different hospitals want a copy of it.

    Thank you.
  • Tue, Jul 17 2007 9:54 AM In reply to

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    re: Am I responsible for my deceased husband Medical Bills?

    Sorry for your loss.

    When your husband was in the hospital, did you sign any papers taking responsibility for his bill? This is pretty standard when they admit.
  • Tue, Jul 17 2007 10:19 AM In reply to

    Sad [:(] re: Am I responsible for my deceased husband Medical Bills?

    He signed most all of the hospital admitting papers. And the last few weeks of his life I had to sign them for him, because he was quickly going blind.

    Also, lots of hospital and doctors statements have already been mailed over and over stating they have already reported my husbands bills to the credit beureau . Plus, he filed a personal bankrupcty under his own name that has been discharged and tons of medical bills were included in that bankruptcy. But after the bankruptcy he was still ill and in and out of the hospital. He was also in the hospital from December 2006 until March 2007 then was discharged in "fair" condition and had to be rushed back into the hospital within 48 hours.......then spent another 4 months in the hospital and was then discharged in "fair" condition and he died 6 days later at home.

    Oh, buy the way my social security check is: $600.00 per month.
  • Tue, Jul 17 2007 1:40 PM In reply to

    re: Am I responsible for my deceased husband Medical Bills?

    They can't garnish your Social Security check even if they get a judgment. That said, we can't know what exempt assets you have or whether you'd have to declare bankruptcy.

    Don't know if Texas is a state in which you'd bear personal liability for medical expenses, but it's certainly a possibility. Talk with a local estate-probate attorney.
  • Tue, Jul 17 2007 11:53 PM In reply to

    Sad [:(] re: Am I responsible for my deceased husband Medical Bills?

    Hello thanks from all who replied to my message. As for assets, I do not own our home. There is still a mortgage balance owned on it. I don't own any land and I don't own any real estate. I have no stocks or bonds or CD's, and I have no investments what so ever. Also several of the doctors billing person(s) have called me and stated they would just write off the 20% co-payment and that they are sadden by the loss of my husband. As for those hospital bills, I surely do think they too will be compeled to write off the 20% co-payments once I called them/fax/mail them a copy of my husband's death certificate. What do you think? What is your opinion? Also, perhaps the hospitals would like for me to do some sort of light duty type of volunteer work to work off the 20% co-payment balances. Maybe they will let me answer telephones in the ER or volunteer in the ER to hellp out.
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