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    Angry [:@] Fake minister

    We purchased a confidental marriage license in 03, were suppose to be married on July 5th, 2003 in San Diego county CA. The so called minister/ordaned, wanted one hundred dollars to perform the ceremony. He gave bogus directions to his location. We arrived late, and then he wanted an additonal 200.00 as he had to hire someone else to do another marriage for him. We said no way. WE paid the hundred and gave him our marriage license. When my groom turned to talk to me about it, I said I didn't want to pay more money for a marriage, when the groom turned around to talk to the "fake minsiter " he was long gone with our money and our marriage license. We moved to another part of CA, Northern from San Diego CA in July 03. The fake minister then submitted the marriage license to San Diego Clerks office. But the date is wrong. WE never had a marriage performed, yet it is filed with San Diego
    Clerk Recorders office. We can prove to the county of San Diego that we were living in Northern CA on the date that is shown on the marriage license which is untrue. HOw do we handle this situation?
    Do I file anulity? Haven't married since, since we both were never married. Suggestions please. Thanks.
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    Feedback [*=*] re: Fake minister

    You can file for an annulment or, if the two of you are on good terms, the faster/simpler way since it's been less than five years is a summary dissolution. I'd suggest you consult a local family law attorney and don't delay.
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    More [=+=] re: Fake minister

    I agree. However, keep in mind that a summary dissolution is effectively a divorce, and there would be no acknowledgment or recognition that the marriage never actually took place. If that's important to you, then annulment is the route to go.
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