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QUERY: What can I do about a lawyer who lied to judge?

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Latest post Thu, Jul 6 2006 7:57 PM by unabella. 3 replies.
  • Tue, Jul 4 2006 6:26 PM

    Question [=?] QUERY: What can I do about a lawyer who lied to judge?

    I just became aware through checking the docket entries that the lawyer against me in my case (a debt collector lawyer in PA) filed a Motion to Compel and did not serve me with a copy although his Certificate of Service says he did. This is perjury, is it not? As a result of his perjury, I did not know about the hearing on his motion and did not attend and the judge ruled against me. It is less than 45 days before the arbitration so I can't file a motion for protective order or for reconsideration of his order. Since I did not see the order, I also did not comply with the 10-day period and now he will get sanctions against me which most likely will be to preclude me from presenting evidence at arbitration on my behalf. This is just not fair. Is there anything I can do about this treachery? I am shocked that a member of the bar would stoop to such tactics.
  • Wed, Jul 5 2006 8:01 AM In reply to

    re: QUERY: What can I do about a lawyer who lied to judge?

    Unfortunately, unless you have proof, probably nothing.

    He'd say he did, you'd say he didn't.
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  • Thu, Jul 6 2006 12:43 PM In reply to

    re: QUERY: What can I do about a lawyer who lied to judge?

    Call the judge's law clerk and tell them what you wrote here. Ask them how to proceed. You may need to make a motion for a re-hearing. You can make this kind of motion before the arbitration.

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  • Thu, Jul 6 2006 7:57 PM In reply to

    Angry [:@] re: QUERY: What can I do about a lawyer who lied to judge?

    It's too late to file a motion. I wrote the Judge and had the letter hand-delivered explaining what I said here and asked the judge to please reverse the Order. I looked up the Rules and quoted the specific Rule(s) that had been violated - -there were three violations with this one incident. This attorney also did not enter his appearance so I sent the copy of the letter to the managing partner of the firm. There is absolutely no excuse for not notifying me. If I did it, they would crucify me. All this is for a very small amount of money that isn't even my bill--I know everybody says that, but I clearly am the victim of identity theft and the person evidently stole the preapproved credit form from my mailbox (I have since changed the mailbox to a locked one) and then immediately changed the billing address. All of the statements are to a strange address, although the original preapproved form was to mine. I will ask for a continuance of the arbitration--they were ordered to answer my requests for admissions within 20 days or they would be deemed admitted -- 60 days has gone by with no answer. They are not taking me seriously at all, I guess because I am not a lawyer. Sorry this is so long, I am very angry at this point.
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