deposit blank envelope, withdraw $100 at ATM

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    Question [=?] deposit blank envelope, withdraw $100 at ATM

    My stepson used his ATM card and deposited a blank envelope. The bank makes available inmmediately $100 on any deposit of that amount or over. He then withdrew $100 from the same account (that had barely only a few dollars in it). The bank then rejected the deposit and charged the account $100. plus another $100. (reversed the deposit) plus NSF fees $68). That makes the account now just over $268 overdrawn. Does that sound right? They blocked account access but didn't close account. The bank says they did this because the blank envelope constitutes fraud. What will they do next, and can my stepson get arrested? Should I take the money to the bank and will that fix everything? Shouldn't teh account be only $168 overdrawn, anyway?
    Thanks in advance.
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    re: deposit EMPTY envelope, withdraw $100 at ATM

    ..By "blank" envelope, I meant empty...sorry
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    Feedback [*=*] re: deposit blank envelope, withdraw $100 at ATM

    Without reading the bank account agreement and seeing the bank charges, I can’t say if the $268 they are seeking is right. It’s not clear how the bank arrived at the extra $100 just from what you wrote.

    Taking the money to the bank will only fix the civil problem and thus prevent him from being sued for the money. What he did almost certainly qualifies as fraud, an repaying it does not make the crime go away. If may affect whether the prosecutor decides to pursue it, and could also affect how serious any sentence would be if he were convicted.

    Your step-son should probably see a criminal defense attorney for advice. Hopefully he understands now how stupid it was to do what he did.
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