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    Question [=?] ABANDONED STUFF

    OK the quick version I had a step daughter who left her stuff- again- this stay was three months she failed to fill out aplications for jobs and those she went to she failed the drug tests. so to say the least we booted her butt out. she was told to come and retreave her things she hasn't, again, it's been a month and I have yet more of her things (others from her last stay last year)she is taking up vaulable living space (I have three kids) she had no lease or paid rent or any other bills she helped produce, I mean WE paid for her food her kids clothes, pull-ups, medicine, and cigeretts and anything else you can think of. What are my rights about getting her things out of my house? I don't want a repete of her crap-for a lack of a better word- taking up all my space again for another year. I threw all that away all the rodents got to it yuck. She's not very intrested in it, it doesn't seem sence she keeps leaving it EVERYWHERE not only at my house! and please yes I know this will NEVER happen again she not even really welcome to the house anymore -unless it to get her things. How long must I endure this??
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    I do not know the abandoned property law for GA--you look it up.

    Generally such laws require that you send the person a clear notice to come get the stuff in some reasonable time. You might be wise to send the person a clear written demand they come get the stuff, and then repeat it before it goes to the trash bag. Oral won't cut it if she comes back months later and accuses you of selling her $50,000 CD collection.

    Generally if you permit somebody to store stuff with you you create a bailment which requires that you give the stuff some mininal level of safety/care

    One other suggestion mght be to send her a monthly storage bill for say $250.

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    I understand the frustration you may have with your step-daughter however ... in our postin instructions (contained in the message box prior to composing a message we ask that no foul language be used on the boards.


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    re: Muffie

    I do apoligize that you find crap foul
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    More [=+=] re: ABANDONED STUFF

    I would love to make her pay money for her stuff but she has no job and no money also inregards to keeping up with her belongings she's the one who put all her things into the attic and no one could walk into it to get anything due to her just dumping it all in there, her things were not the only things lost me and my husbands things were all destroyed, many childhood things. What ever corner she leaves her things at is were they stay they are not my responsabilty to keep up with, she knew the risks of leaving them there, she has been here 2 other times sence I wrote this letter to began with to "collect things" and left empty handed -minus what ever she was shuving in her pocket when I walked in, it couldn't have been her stuff that's upstairs, we have told her to get them we can't send her a certified mail because of no permanent address if we just had her a note ....." Please Heather get your things out" what to stop her from just simply balling it up and tossing it out and saying that we never gave her written notice? She is that type of shaddy person. DOes anyone know where to look up the Ga laws???? That's how I ended up here, lokking for some clue of an answer that I could go on and start to get her out! well her things anyway

    I do thank you for what help you offered, I geuss that means I can't put her other stuff in the attic and just let the field mice get to them huh? No no I'm just kidding I'm not that heartless or am I?? No darn.
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