Cable company equipment on private property

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  • Sun, Mar 12 2006 8:28 PM

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    Question [=?] Cable company equipment on private property

    We live in a 55+ community in California. We bought the home 7 years ago and didn't think much about there being a cable equipment box on the property in a strip along the driveway. Now we would like to widen our driveway and this equip. sits right in the center of about an 8 ft. piece of our property right next to our driveway. I have called and asked them to move the "box" which is about 5ft x 3 ft. At first they told me they had an agreement with the city to have it there. I called everyone in City Hall and nobody knows of any agreement. Then I was told it can't be moved because the Utilities and Phone companies are tied into it also. which is not true (they have seperate underground with the cement lids you can drive over near this cable box, not connected to it). Now, I get no response from them. All other utilities in our neighborhood are underground. What else can I do to have this "box" moved so we can widen our driveway on this piece of our property? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    re: Cable company equipment on private property

    You may not have much luck, unless you offer to pay to have it moved. Then they might be willing to do something about it, but that's still no guarantee.

    I seriously doubt there's any legal action you can take.
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    re: Cable company equipment on private property

    In some places cable firms are not treated as public utilities and other places they are--and I have no clue about CA. In general public utilities have some broad powers for easements.

    I would look a the fineprint in my deed, call my lawyer , and him/her how hard you can push the envelope.

    On the other side of the country, two architect friends went down to thier building one morning and found the local cable firm had hung a box on it to serve the neighborhood --a few calls and it was down in a day!. Likewise when I bought a building a few blocks away I noticed a cable firm box on it--initally I got some flack from the cable firm--so I told them I would personally cut all the lines and jack it off the building tomorrow morning--they got it off later that day.

    In some cases if its there w/o permission too long it may acquire adverse rights--so don't delay in sorting it out. If after review with your attorney you can find no easement of record or any other lawful basis for it to be there--then also consider how to remove it by backing a large SUV into same.

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    Idea [I] re: Cable company equipment on private property

    I would be very careful about backing a large anyting into this cable box. Unless and until you can prove it is there illegally you would be well advised to work with the company to get it relocated. If you damage it, you might get a big bill for repairs and your neighbors won't be happy either when they don't have their TV.

    I work for a large utility company and it may be entirely possible to relocate this box, but it may not be easy to do and it may be expensive.

    Does your survey show an easement along this route? If so, then I suspect that your best option would be to request that it be relocated or buried like the other utilities. Cable TV service pedestals, however, must be easily accessible to provide service to customers and are usually above ground.

    If one of my customers wanted a pedestal moved, for their personal convenience, they would be asked to pay for all or a portion of the cost to move the pedestal. Talk to the cable company and see if they will work with you. Ask to speak with the engineer that handles your area. If they "stonewall" you, take it up the line in Customer Relations.

    Good luck

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    re: Cable company equipment on private property

    There is very likely a utility easement of about 8' running through everybody's property.

    Utility lines of all kinds could be buried and run under your driveway and your front yard and everybody else's.

    I'm guessing it's there legitimately and you may just have to pay the cable company to relocate it.

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