Shoplifting charges, Gwinnett county GA

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    Sad [:(] Shoplifting charges, Gwinnett county GA

    I need a good attorney for shoplifting charges in Gwinnett county. I am starting college next week and I do not need this on my record. I have been charged with a felony and I don't have alot of money. I stole some clothes for my 5 year old daughter for christmas and need information of any really good attorneys specializing in thia area. Someone who knows the prosectures and district attorney very well. Please help
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    re: Shoplifting charges, Gwinnett county GA

    That's not what we do. You can search online using the find a lawyer section to the right. If you can't afford counsel, you can request that the court appoint an attorney to represent you.
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    re: Shoplifting charges, Gwinnett county GA

    Alicya ,
    I have a similar charge ( it just happenned). Please let me know if you found a good lawyer in Gwinnett.
    Thank you

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