Can employer request details of my time off?

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  • 03-22-2006 6:13 PM

    Question [=?] Can employer request details of my time off?

    Can my employer request from me what I was doing if I took a personal day off from work?
    She has indicated to me that she has the right to know what I was doing even though I explained that I needed the day off to deal with personal matters. She asked if it was legal problems, financial problems or if it was a job interview.

    Does she have the right to ask me these questions? Do I have the right to decline to answer? And can she bring disciplinary action against me if I fail to answer her?
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    Feedback [*=*] re: Can employer request details of my time off?

    There is no law that prohibits her from asking you such questions. There is no law that requires you to answer them. Unless you have an employment contract to the contrary, you can be terminated for any reason that is not specifically prohibited by law.
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    re: Can employer request details of my time off?

    I actually disagree with this answer because I know my employer specifically has told management that they are under no reason to ask an employee where there are or what they're doing if they are not at work. Nor can they contact employees while they are either using sick or vacation leave.

    However, California is an "at will" state and an employee can absolutly be terminated without reason.

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    re: Can employer request details of my time off?

    The fact that your employer has told management not to ask the questions does not make it illegal to do so. There are times when an employer needs to know the reason for an absence, such as knowing if it's something for which FMLA would apply.
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    Agree [=|=] re: Can employer request details of my time off?

    We are allowed "personal days" but the contract is very specific as to the accepted reasons for one of these days.

    Therefore, the supervisor MUST ask why the employee needs to be off on a personal day
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