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Laid Off - Vacation Time?

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Latest post Thu, Feb 2 2006 1:17 PM by Fxston. 1 replies.
  • Wed, Feb 1 2006 10:36 PM

    Question [=?] Laid Off - Vacation Time?

    I just received an indevinite layoff notice. Well so did a lot of people, like almost everybody where I work.

    It said they hoped it would be 2-4 weeks but that is just a guess, they can't call anybody back until business picks up. They don't really know how many hours or when for that matter. I'm even wondering if that will ever happen.

    So, I'm going to look for another job. My state Unemployment requires you look for another job anyway if you don't have a definite callback date.

    My employer still owes me 3 weeks of vacation including one week I carried over from last year. They asked me to carry it over instead of taking it because they were busy then so I did.

    If I find another job while I'm laid off do they have to pay me the vacation I have coming? What if I don't find another job? Do they ever have to pay me for it and when? Or am I just out of luck unless they call me back so I can take it as a regular vacation? If that ever happens.
  • Thu, Feb 2 2006 1:17 PM In reply to

    re: Laid Off - Vacation Time?

    Assuming your employer doesn't impose a use-or-lose policy on vacation, then you can eventually make a wage claim for the vacation pay. I wouldn't jump the gun on that right away given the circumstances, however. You don't want to use up your vacation pay only to be called back and have to work for the rest of the year without any paid time off. :)

    A new job would have no effect on whether they have to pay you for accrued but unused vacation.

    Note, however, that I don't imagine you've accrued two weeks of vacation already this year. Most employers don't work that way (they may "bank" you the total hours at the beginning of the year, but that doesn't automatically mean you've earned all of them). Sounds like they do definitely owe you the week from last year though.
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