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how to file a greivance against your union

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Latest post Mon, Apr 3 2006 1:40 PM by brennie0. 3 replies.
  • Sat, Mar 18 2006 8:42 AM

    Angry [:@] how to file a greivance against your union

    It seems like our union represents our company rather than the union employees. How do you file a greivance against your union? Is there a way to do it without losing our jobs? we have been paying union dues for a union who allows our company to cut our pay for three years now. They have changed the rules on an already signed contract can we as a group form together and file any charges? enough is enough. Also what does NLRB stand for? Are the union rules the same in every state? Where would we find the by-laws pertaining to our union?
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    • Maben
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    Feedback [*=*] re: how to file a greivance against your union

    The only time a union runs amock is when no one is paying attention or participating. That is my opinion from my experience. Poor attendence at union meetings will always spell trouble in the long run.

    While I have never heard of filing a grievance against a union. I have heard of filing charges through the International Union, (if they are tied to an International), and I have heard of filing charges with the National Labor Relations Board - N.L.R.B., but never filing a grievance against them. However, it might be possible somewhere out there. Just because I have never heard of it doesn't make it not so.

    You should be able to find a copy of your By-Laws at your Union Hall, District Union Hall, Regional or Sub-Regional Union Hall. You should also request a copy of your International Union Constitution if you are tied to an International Union. You should request copies of all By-Laws that apply to your Local or Unit.

    It's hard to be able to tell if you as a group can do anything from here since we do not have axcess to the language, documentation, or all the facts involved here. However, a consultation fee is sometimes worth every cent when you are dealing with a good attorney.

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    • Amy123
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    Agree [=|=] re: how to file a greivance against your union

    Hey I like you you, it sounds like you are from my union, our union is also company ran. My union got me fired I went to the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) and filed charges on both my company and union and those ???? dropped my charges because they beleive my Chief Steward and they are protecting him and my company. So I appealed my case to Washington. Let me tell you something that would make your case very strong "GET SIGNED WRITTEN STATEMENTS FROM CO-WORKERS" It will be a lot of help in your case to have others backing you up. If I were you, I would write it up as you see it and have people sign it. It will show NLRB and your International union who is all behind you. One person can't fight City Hall as my father once told me. It the same with a Union. Unions are going "OUT" because of the way your reps and my reps are running the union. The Union bylaws are not hard to find all you have to do is ask someone in office Union Steward, Chief, or President anyone in Office can get you a copy. They have to give you a copy. You will find that they are not following the bylaws as my people don't either. I wanted to run for Chief and my Chief knew it, and had me terminated. I got 3 stupid petty write ups within 2 months after 9 yrs. I'm fighting it now. My District Rep through our union is trying to get me settlement. My Chief Steward (Not the same one) called me tonight to tell me the offer is $3500.00 and authorize my unemployment. I laughed "I don't think so" I made $16.00 an hr with good benefits, 3 weeks vacations been there 9 years.
    You are going to have to pull your people together and get a petition going and take it to "WASHINGTON" above your district. Because 2 to one your district is behind your local like mine is.
    Good luck and if I can help you in anyway let me know. FIRST THING FIRST "GET OTHERS TO BACK YOU UP" Secretively, because yes you could lose your job I did. But also make sure you take notes of EVERYTHING that goes on Date, time, what's happening, and most importantly witnesses. And make sure your witnesses remember the situation. Make a comment to them about it something so the situation sticks in their head. Good Luck.... Amy
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    re: how to file a greivance against your union to amy

    you go girl!!!!!!!!!!! I also work in a unionized job. Been there 15 years. You would think it was nonunion. They all buddy up togeather. When ever you ask about something in contract. OH>>>> we can not do anything about that is their reply. They are writing people up and FIRING!! Good, dedicated employees that never call in but let them get sick even with a doc. excuse. Their gone . Its a pattern you can see that the employer is doing. So get smart ,file for an FMLA if you get sick and have to use it If you have sick time you can use it too. Then renew it every 12 months. So you go girl!!!! and watch your back
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