other child credit?

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  • Sat, Dec 24 2005 2:21 PM

    other child credit?

    my state is NJ. I know they give a credit for other children from seperate relationship other then the one the order is being sought for, but I am confused on how it is calculated.

    does anyone have any experience with this?
  • Sat, Dec 24 2005 7:26 PM In reply to

    NJ Child Support Guidelines

    Click http://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/csguide/index.htm
  • Sat, Dec 24 2005 10:21 PM In reply to

    re: NJ Child Support Guidelines

    yeah that is what i was looking at and why i was confused.
  • Mon, Dec 26 2005 12:40 PM In reply to

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    re: NJ Child Support Guidelines

    The New Jersey Child Support Guidelines only give credit for another child if you are paying support based on a previous court order for another child. Even then all it does is reduce your net available income for purposes of using the worksheet. It does not take into consideration that you have another child living with you or another child you pay money to without a court order.
    You can try this online interactive worksheet however it not 100% acurate but will give you an estimate.

  • Sun, Jan 1 2006 7:41 AM In reply to

    re: NJ Child Support Guidelines

    thats funny in reading the guidelines there are instructions for previous support orders and then other children deductions, in which they instruct you to fill out a child support sole parenting worksheet for the child living with you to figure out your "imaginary" suport for that child. so if they dont give you that credit why is it in there?
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