Medical Billing

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    Medical Billing

    My wife recieved surgery in June 07. 6 months later we recieved a bill from our insurance company satating that our deductable was not paid. We had paid this to the doctor. We contacted the doctor, their billing department informed us our bill was paid in full. We sent a letter asking the doctor to send in our deductable. 2 weeks later we recieved a bill from the doctor for $3800.00 ( 11 months after the surgery) With a handwritten note saying our insurnce company failed to pay this amount. Our insurance company told us they had never recieved any bills for the amonts stated. We sent a letter to the doctor disputing the bill, the only response we got was from a credit agency. Is there anything I can do?
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    Your responsibility is to see that your insurer pays the claim.

    It appears your argument is with your insurer. Obviously this is an error and your insurer should have paid.

    If the surgery was done, you (your insurer) owe the doctor the money, period.
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