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    Around 99' i was charged in a criminal "false pretenses" aka "fraud" matter in a northeastern state while being held in federal custody. I filed for a speedy trial in the criminal matter and the state "dismissed without prejudice" in 2000 because the charging state did not want to pay the transportation for trial.

    My question is, can the charging state re-file those charges or has the statute of limitation run out? Can I go back to that state without fear of being apprehended?

    I recently received my FBI and noticed the charge was on it, but not the Court "follow-up", and was further wondering if I should press the FBI to erase the arrest or follow up with the court "out come" so there is some closure to this old case.

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    A dismissal without prejudice allows the state to refile the charges at any time during the limitations period. It's very possible they dismissed and immediately refiled and have a warrant out for you right now. The FBI doesn't have the power to erase a state initiated arrest from NCIS. Consult counsel.
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