My Parental Rights Are Being Violated!!

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  • Sat, Mar 4 2006 4:15 PM

    Question [=?] My Parental Rights Are Being Violated!!

    I have been compliant with everything the judge, ACS, and the law guardians requested of me. Passed the psychological given to me by the Court psychologist, completed yet another parenting skills class, passe all random drug sreening. I have my own apartment and I work. Now this last court date my youngest son's great aunt (who is currently the foster parent...which is entirely a different gripe entirely) and his father complained about me taking my son to get his first hair cut. Keep in mind this was a monitored visit and the Case worker was present. The judge stated that getting my son a hair cut was very unusual behavior, when he fell I still have a small container of *** mild stored in the freezer for sentimental reasons, that I used to apply to his head, since we ran out of ice (this was during his first birthday party) which also was deemed unsual behavior. Now base on this the judge ordered me to family therapy and on record stated that I cannot groom my child i.e haircuts etc. She compared his hair to having a tatoo put on him or and earpiercing on him...I find this totally incredulous to say the least! She is completely biased. I need to get her off of my case literally. I need to establish what my rights
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