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    Question [=?] Civil lawsuits disability social security

    I have 30 or less days to file a civil lawsuit about receiving ss disability, do not have a lawyer now moved to Massachusetts. Could use help with that also want to know this-Does the lawyer do all the work on this, do you have to go anywhere for the civil action? Will they let you file it sealed? Meaning can you prevent it from being in the public view due to certain circumstances, it is medical information and it should be protected. Help please!
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    re: Civil lawsuits disability social security

    Your post is pretty hard to follow. What do you mean "file a ... lawsuit about receiving ss disability"?

    Also, what do you mean by "do you have to go anywhere for a civil action"?

    Please clarify.

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    Feedback [*=*] re: Civil lawsuits disability social security

    Based on the few facts you posted, I will assume that you have been denied by both the ALJ and the Appeals Council and are ready to file in the Federal District Court. From this point, it is all paperwork prepared by your lawyer, or by you if you do not have a lawyer. There will be no more hearings to attend.

    You argue, based on the evidence submitted to the ALJ and reviewed by the Appeals Council, that you are legally entitled to the benefits (very brief explanation). These cases are decided on summary judgment motions filed by both sides.
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