wrong sex on medicare card

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  • Tue, Sep 26 2006 5:06 PM

    wrong sex on medicare card

    i recently got my medicare card in the mail. somehow or another the system got my sex all mixed up. my medicare card stated that i am a male! i called the main SS number to see if i could straighten it up and the woman i spoke with said that all my info had me down as being male. i have a very feminine name and womanly sounding voice so i have no idea how this happened. it's kind of funny, but considering this is not the first serious mistake they have made on my claim it's getting old. has this happened to anyone else? just curious.
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    Feedback [*=*] re: wrong sex on medicare card

    This is not an uncommon mistake. The computer interfaces are not working correctly--or the wrong information was fed into it.

    Please ask SSA to correct it. It may take awhile, but it can be done.
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