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Vocal Cord Stripping and Polyp Removal

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    Vocal Cord Stripping and Polyp Removal

    I live in Virginia. I had vocal cord surgery in which polyps (3) were removed along with stripping of left true vocal cord approx. 6 months ago. I have not talked above a whisper like voice since this time. Webbing also resulted as a complication from this surgery. I had to search out a second opinion--Dr. #2-- to find this out, at which time I also found out I did not have another polyp. Dr.#2 stated my vocal cords probably webbed together within a week after surgery. He also stated he was not sure how they webbed together if the polyps were on only the left side-that he must have roughed up the right side too.
    (Dr. #1 was never aware that my vocal cords were webbed together--he never put the light down my throat, instead he used a mirror and held onto my tongue to evaluate the status of my surgery. He stated that I had another polyp and was talking about going back for surgery if the polyp did not reside in 3 weeks. I thought it odd that he was going to give this polyp a chance to resolve and he did not let the others have any chance to resolve. He diagnosed one week and scheduled surgery the next. Dr. #2 separated the vocal cords but after all the swelling and healing took place, a hole was present where the vocal cords come together (probably where tissue was removed during the 1st surgery) leaving an air leak. I was then referred t to a Speech Therapist. The Speech Therapist did not feel that they could help me. I was then referred to #3 Dr. I still cannot talk above a whisper like voice but I have one more possible surgery that may help if the #3 Dr. and speech pathologist decide I may benefit from this surgery. This will be the 2nd surgery trying to correct complications of the 1st surgery. Since this ordeal began, I have found out that the normal protocal is voice rest for at least 2 weeks after diagnosing polyps to see if they subside (Dr.#1 diagnosed one week and scheduled surgery the next) , and stripping of the vocal cords is no longer done. Do you think I have a malpractice suit?
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    Feedback [*=*] re: Vocal Cord Stripping and Polyp Removal

    No one on a board can possibly guess whether malpractice might have occurred or whether your problems result from surgical complication / risk of procedure.

    The only one who can make a determination is an attorney in your state who specializes in medical malpractice after careful review of all of your medical records by an expert.

    If you need help locating an attorney, please use the Find A Lawyer feature on this page.

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