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    Question [=?] Attorney Probate Fees - NY

    I have been named as a co-executor in a recently deceased aunt's will. My aunt was a lifelong resident of New York, but I live in another state. Can someone give me an average, or ballpark figure, of a NY attorney's fees to handle a $1.5 million estate?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    re: Attorney Probate Fees - NY

    The fee should not depend on the size of the estate, but rather the complexity. Some attorneys charge by the hour ( I do this and strongly suggest it to anyone who needs to hire a lawyer) and some work on the percentage of the estate. There is no law governing billing. But, the same work is needed for a big or small complex estate. I think the client always is hurt by lawyers who collect a percentage of the estate, ecs. when the estate is sizable. The amount of fees will depend on external factors - for example, whether or not there is a contest.

    Sharon M. Siegel, Esq.

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    re: Attorney Probate Fees - NY

    PS You may well be entitled to an executors commission even though you farm out 99.9% of the work to legal counsel. Its quite common.

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    Feedback [*=*] re: Attorney Probate Fees - NY / Sharon & Drew

    Thank you both for your replies. This is a bit of a complex estate, and the attorney has offered to charge the lower of his hourly rate or 5% of the estate. From what you have stated that seems to be a fair offer.

    The attorney also informed us (co-executors) that we are entitled to an executor's fee. Since the inheritors are all direct family members we have decided that we will only accept reimbursement for personal expenses incurred during the settlement of the estate.

    Thanks again!
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