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Forums Quick Guide - Please Review Before Posting

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  • Thu, Feb 26 2009 7:16 PM

    Forums Quick Guide - Please Review Before Posting

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    To make the most of your account and help the forums run as effectively and smoothly as possible, please take a moment to review a complete list of the Forum Rules and Help information.

    The bullets below provide a "quick start" to these guidelines.  All participants are asked to follow the guidelines to create a welcoming atmosphere and provide a pleasant and educational experience for everyone.

    • Nothing at the site is confidential - We strongly caution against the inclusion of your personal contact information at the site.  Do not post anything you don't want to viewed by the general public. 
    • None of the information in responses should be viewed as legal advice.
    • Select only ONE forum to post your message to avoid duplicate discussions and repetition.
    • Add additional comments or questions to the original post rather than starting a new thread.  Adding to an existing post returns the thread to the top of the list and provides context, as well as, access to all previous comments.
    • Foul language or insults are not acceptable - even if thinly disguised.
    • Agree to disagree
    • Please do not name individuals or companies.
    • Do not post in all caps or all lowercase.  Breaking text into paragraphs makes a message easier to read.
    • Avoid long posts to optimize potential responses.
    • Refrain from "black or white" statements and directives such as, "you should do this."  You may offer tips, suggestions, or general knowledge from your own experience.
    • Focus responses on the issues and not the author.  Please do not submit judgmental comments or assume that you know exactly what happened, an individual is thinking or similar.
    • Read responses without adding tone.  Messages contain no voice inflection or body cues to reveal intent.  If questionable, give the benefit of the doubt whenever possible and try not to make assumptions.
    • Advertising or solicitation at the site is prohibited.
    • Do include links or URLs where valuable information can be found.

    Thank you for your participation in our Forums!

    Denise & the entire Community Staff

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