Help About Fiance Visa!

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    Help About Fiance Visa!


    My fiance in USA filed a fiance visa application for me in December 2008 which was accepted.I want to know what is the next procedure.Will i receive any letter from US Consulate in my country? What is the time frame for me to get into USA now?

    Plz reply.

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    Re: Help About Fiance Visa!

    Uh, the best way to get an answer to that question is to have your fiance ask the place where she filed the application what the procedural steps are.

    Or check out the ICE website:




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    Re: Help About Fiance Visa!

    The fiance visa is a two step process.  The first step is your US fiance submitting an I-129f petition to the USCIS in the US.  He will receive an NOA receipt acknowledging the petition, and then a few months later he will receive a second NOA (Notice of Action) either approving or denying the petition.  If the petition is approved, the file is then forwarded to the foreign fiancee's country.  As the foreign fiancee you will receive a notice from the US Consulate in your country responsible for fiance visas that a petition has been approved for you.  You will also receive a package of forms - including a K-1 application form - and information telling you what to do next.  You will be required to have a medical from an approved physician, security checks, basic documents like birth certificates, passports and divorce decrees/death certificates of previous marriage plus an Affidavit of Support from your US fiance verifying he can financially support you in the US.  When you have all of these documents collected and prepared you will be scheduled for an interview at the Consulate.  Based on the interview and the documents you bring, the Consulate will either approve you for a K-1 visa or deny the visa.  If you are approved, the visa will be physically attached to your passport.  You will have 6 months within which to enter the US (one time entry only) and once you cross the border you have to get married within 90 days.  After you are married you will also need to apply for permission to live permanently in the US (Adjustment of Status).  How long it will take will depend a lot of what Consulate you are going through.  A good average appears to be between 8 to 10 months although a year is not unreasonable.

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