will this get me jail time?

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  • Tue, Mar 24 2009 4:55 AM

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    will this get me jail time?

    i am 17 i have had no prior criminal record. and in November i was charged with felony perpetrating a false bomb threat. i have a mental illness which is bipolar type 2 also. but on the tape they have all i said was " my friend told me some guy told him there was a bomb in the bottom building of our school". i was also released on a 20,000 dollar bond by signature of my mother that i would appear at court.
    i am just wondering
    what i will most likely get?
    also it only disrupted the last 20 minutes of school.

  • Tue, Mar 24 2009 7:12 AM In reply to

    Re: will this get me jail time?

    I have no idea what you will "get"

    I just have to ask, what if anything, was your motive?, or anyone's motive in doing something like this?  I just don't get it.  What is the point?  You don't ask for randsom money, but you want to hurt or pretend to hurt children, why?

    Is it simply mental illness?

    It is one of those things that just short circuits my brain trying to figure out why anyone would do this sort of thing.


    if you really are mentally disturbed, they will likely take that into account.  But I doubt that lets you walk free amoung the rest of us.  Just my opinion.


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    Re: will this get me jail time?

    only disrupted the last 20 minutes of school???? are you ignorant. i guess you didnt think about all of the crap going on in this country. some people might have thought it was real and now they could be scared for life. what about all of the school shootings, did you think of that. dont know anything about bipolar issues but you still should know right from wrong. i dont know law either but could this be concidered a terroristic threat?? will you have to pay back all of the fire, police, emergency and bomb expert personel?? all the time they wasted on your prank when they could have been out there looking for killers rapists kidnappers robbers........

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    Re: will this get me jail time?

    Its a class H FELONY  in NC--you get a felony record if convicted. Probably a hefty fine and community service--but if you bring a lot of dirty linen you could get jail time


    Plus your parent can be zapped with the costs of all the economic damages the school suffered.


    I am rather suprised that Mom could get you out with a mere signature I thought folks in NC took bomb threats a bit more serious than to let folks out on bond with a mere signature.


    Unless you have a existing IEP, I don't buy the bipolar stuff and I doubt anybody else will either . And I don't buy an IEP as having weight outside of internal school issues either.


    You are going to need a lot more craft to be able to show you lacked the mental capacity to formulate illegal intent at that moment---I suspect you better line up and pay one of your countys better criminal defense lawyers pronto and plan to spring for some very expensive expert testimony.


    A felony on your record could keep you out of many a decent job!


    Were I back in my personnel days I'd put your application into trash if you had a conviction along the lines you post above.


    At age 17 I doubt this is a matter for juvy--but you can ask counsel.

  • Tue, Mar 24 2009 8:23 AM In reply to

    Re: will this get me jail time?

    No one here can predict the outcome of your case.

    These kinds of threats, even if bogus, do not go over well with judges and juries.    Think of the two previous posters as representtaive of the potential jurors in your community.  Hopefully, you should develop some appreciation for the problem for your attorney in trying to defend you, if your case goes to trial.

    You are going to have to rely upon your attorney for the best way to resolve this one.  Just remember that your attorney cannot compel the DA to offer you a plea bargain that includes "no jail time".




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    General reminder for this thread-

    I realize this is an emotionally charged subject, but there is no need for "editorial" comments.  The op asked a question and each poster should direct his/her response to that question or skip the thread.


  • Tue, Mar 24 2009 1:27 PM In reply to

    Re: will this get me jail time?

    The charge appears to be a Class H felony, for which a presumptive sentence with no prior criminal history and no aggravating or mitigating circumstances would be 6-8 months in prison. You may also be required to pay whatever expenses were incurred by the school with the disruption you caused. But that's the presumptive sentence; you could get more or less than that.

    What you will likely get is a question you should ask your lawyer--and you do need one. While NC does not treat this as severely as I'd expect, having a felony conviction for a false bomb threat will cause you a lot of problems beyond just the sentence you have to serve. Good colleges may reject your application. Good employers may do the same. The military won't accept you. Some landlords won't rent you an apartment. And so on.

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    Re: General reminder for this thread-


    you are correct, my personal opinions should not have been stated.

    i appologize to you and the person asking the question.

  • Fri, Mar 27 2009 10:50 AM In reply to

    Hi, speee1dy

    No worries, I appreciate your cooperation.  We really strive to keep the boards welcoming to all.



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