reinstate my 2nd amendment rights?

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    reinstate my 2nd amendment rights?

      15 years ago when I was 18 I pleaded guilty to a felony count of receiving stolen property in Massachusetts. I had forgotten all about it since there was no jail time or community service involved, just some probation. I didnt even realize it was a felony until recently. I got denied to purchase a handgun in Florida, where I live now. The only reason I can think of is because of the mistake I made 15 years ago. I have not been in any trouble since, I've always held a steady job, I've done voulenteer work. I'm not a bad person, I just made a mistake. I have seen on the internet possible fixes such as getting the case expunged, record sealing, trying to reopen the case and have the charges changed to a misdemeanor or possibly a pardon. I work with law enforcement all day and want to start shooting for sport with some of them which is why I tried to purchase the handgun in the first place. What can I do to get my right back and clean up my record? I am also worried that without fixing it I could lose my job if it ever came up.


    Thanks in advance for any help / clarification on this.

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    Re: reinstate my 2nd amendment rights?

    This link to the ACLU of Florida has some information and instructions for applying for a restoration of civil rights:

    Unfortunately, a restoration of your civil rights might not include gun rights:



    • The right of the people 
    • to keep and bear arms,
    • shall not be infringed.
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    Re: reinstate my 2nd amendment rights?

    Since the conviction occurred in MA, you have to deal with it IN MA and can't do anything about it in FL or through any Florida courts or agencies.  IF MA restores your gun rights, you can then petition ATF to have the feds recognize it BUT in reality, while there is a process, there's no money in ATF for them to process any petitions.  Start by consulting a MA attorney...

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