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Motion to Move Case to Circuit Court

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Latest post Sun, Apr 26 2009 10:28 AM by Drew. 2 replies.
  • Thu, Apr 23 2009 7:00 PM

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    Motion to Move Case to Circuit Court

    My in-laws filed a motion to terminate tenancy against me the same time my husband filed for divorce.  The legalities regarding ownership of the home are being questioned and the district court judge gave me 21 days to file a motion to move my case from district court to circuit court.  I cannot find any information on line about what this motion to move needs to include and my deadline is approaching quickly.  Get a lawyer?  I know.  I thought I found one but his staff isn't passing on my messages, per him, so I need to address this myself while I find another lawyer.  I don't know how to proceed.

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    Re: Motion to Move Case to Circuit Court

    Did you talk to the Court Clerk? That would be my first step.

  • Sun, Apr 26 2009 10:28 AM In reply to

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    Re: Motion to Move Case to Circuit Court

    Laymans take:


    The actual motion to move is probably close to cookbook or find a similar one  somebody filed earlier or even a state forms book--the critical step is to get it filed on time.


    My guess is motion to move it is only the start--and you need to address how to hang in the battle full time (If you don't have staying power many attorneys may be reluctant to pick up the ball--knowing you willpunt next)


    Personally since this is part of your divorce action I'd probably press to get divirce counsel in place and have him or her file it.


    I'm not sure how ownership is an issue--unless there is an issue that you may be a owner or that In Laws are not your true LL's --or that hubby is an owner

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