HELP !!! Can I file a Civil Lawsuit?????

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  • Mon, Apr 27 2009 12:22 AM

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    HELP !!! Can I file a Civil Lawsuit?????

    Can I file a civil lawsuit against my ex wife who lied to me thru out marriage and is two time bigamist.  When married to me, she was already married to another guy overseas.  When married to  guy overseas, she was married to her cousin here in USA for immigration.  Fake marriage.  Hires illegal employees at her business.  Paid $70K fine for stealing sales taxes from state of Michigan last year.

    Destroyed me financially, mentally, physically and emotionally. I owned house,business and had no debts. 

    Now she owns a house, three businesses and I am under debt for $86000plus and have various health problems.  Have a three years old baby whom I love dearly and have joint custody.  Still  she makes problems for me so I cannot see her.

    Married in Texas August 2004
    Divorced in Michigan - Augst 2008
    Baby born in Texas Dec2005

    I currently live in Indiana.

    I am in process of filing bigamy and have complained to INS about her fake marriage.

    Any suggestions or advice?

    Thank you.

    Under debt

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    • Ford
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    State law normally limits the ability . . .

    to sue your spouse, and most claims within the marriage have to be resolved during the divorce.

    Consult local counsel.

    The idea of divorce is to terminate the connection with the spouse.  Bring subsequent lawsuits is contrary to that idea.

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    • mudpie
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    Re: HELP !!! Can I file a Civil Lawsuit?????

    You may be able to have the marriage/divorce annulled or at least modified based on the fraud. This could change your debts considerably and or result in an order to return equity or property from ex to you.

    You need an attorney. Best to have an attorney refile and have it adjuducated before INS investigates and perhaps deport ex; leaving you with nada.

    However, the child support will probably not go anyway.

    Good luck.

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    Re: HELP !!! Can I file a Civil Lawsuit?????

    FYI, this has nothing to do with civil rights.

    Can I file a civil lawsuit against my ex wife who lied to me thru out marriage and is two time bigamist.

    Anyone can sue anyone for anything.  However, that your ex-wife committed bigamy by marrying you is not a viable basis for a civil suit.  You could have sought an annulment of your marriage and whatever goes along with that, but you apparently chose divorce instead.

    It's not at all clear from your post how your ex-wife's bigamy caused the various financial issues you mention.


    I am in process of filing bigamy

    I'm not sure what that means.  If it means you're seeking to "re-open" your divorce to change it to an annulment, then you presumably have a lawyer handling that, and I suggest you discuss with him/her whether you can expect anything financially out of that.

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    • Sonny007
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    Re: HELP !!! Can I file a Civil Lawsuit?????

    Thanks for the replies!!!

    I got married to her because I loved her and before marriage cleared everything that I will not move closer to her parents in another state.  She agreed to everything, after marriage her family's constant interference specially her mother calling everyday asking her to move casued lots of problems.  She still owned business while married to me but never contributed anything.  After the baby was born, her mom started blackmailing that they will not let me see the baby.  She make me sell the house and business cheap so that we can move.  She promised that once we move, we will have seperate place to live and her family wont interfere.  After moving we started having problems and she always take her parents side and kept threatening me that I will not be able to see the baby.  After filing divorce she harrased me and I had to spend lot of money on attorney's so that I can see my baby.

    I lost everything and she bought new business, house, cars etc.  I kept fighting to see my baby without any income, using credit cards.  I feel  betrayed by her and its a conspiracy to destroy me completely, physically, emotionally and financially.  I was happy before I moved, had own house and income of $7-8K per month and was debt free.  My daughter means whole world to me and even she is not happy with her mom, she dont want to go back when she is with me.  I cannot imagine life without her,  I do have joint custody now but since I dont have income and she continues to harrass me by filing motion in court so that I spend money on lawyers and give up on my daughter.  They dont like my daughter but they are keeping her to piss me off so that I am in pain.

    I havent done anything wrong and I am the one who lost everything and am suffering...she is two time bigamist, immigration fraud, stealing taxes and what not and still she gets away with it.  There has to be some law that should punish her. 

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