indiana mobile home park

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    indiana mobile home park

    I'm a mobile home owner renting a lot. Would like to know if lot owner is obligated to keep trees trimmed  that overhang home. They might be dangerous to home. Have had limbs come down on home in bad weather. Limbs also overhang power lines which overhang home. Been lucky so far. One of the trees is on lot next to the one I rent. The other tree is in lot I rent.Thank you in advance.

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    Re: indiana mobile home park

    Have you even asked the owner to trim the trees?  What was the response?  If you haven't, do it.

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    Re: indiana mobile home park

    Owner of park just kind of gives us the runaround. Just empty promises. Would appreciate help on where to do more research. If I visit lawyer it might lead to problems with landowner.

       &nbs... thank u

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    Re: indiana mobile home park

    The first place you look is in your lease to see if it addresses mainenance of the space that you rent.

    If there is nothing specific about tree trimming in your lease, see if the lease obligates the parties to comply with park rules.

    Then look at the park rules and see if there is anything specific about tree trimming.

    If there is nothing about tree trimming in the lease or rules, then you go to the statutes.

    The Indiana landlord tenant statute is here:

    The statute for mobile home parks is here:

    I took a quick look at both statutes and didn't find anything that would obligate the park owner to trim the trees. Spend some time and carefully read the statutes in case I missed something.

    If you have tree limbs falling on your house I suggest you seriously consider spending some money to get them trimmed rather than experience the cost and aggravation of having a tree limb put a hole in your roof during a storm. Insurance doesn't cover everything.


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    Re: indiana mobile home park

    What does the lease say?

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